PREMIER PROTEIN / Make Tasteful Choices
video / radio / social / out-of-home

team: gaelan mundorff / johanna granlund /alexander elmfeldt / fredrik svensson / lavinia lurvink / austin esposito

the one club / 2017 creative bootcamp / gold
academy of art university, school of advertising / 2018 spring show / integrated campaign — bronze

meet joe, your taste bud.

despite being ranked #1 in taste, premier protein was getting misattributed for a generic protein shake. we created a mascot to help people identify with the bottle, and let them know premier protein is all about taste, in every sense of the word.

after discovering premier protein, joe dedicated his life to helping people make tasteful choices. be it telling consumers that they should learn a second language, flushing whey protein shakes down the toilet or stating the facts on just how good premier protein tastes.

Premier Protein STRAWBERRY-new.png
Premier Protein VANILLA.png